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Tres Islas Remix 3-Pack

A trio of Island-flavored, classic Hip-Hop and R&B remixes. I've had this habit of turning things into Dancehall for a while now. Pretty much any remix I've made went through a 'maybe this work as Dancehall or Bossa' phase before I moved away to a different sound. So for this release, I'm just taking the reigns off and letting these Tropical thoughts wash over!

1) The Outkast is the most 'Dancehall' of the trio and is built on one of my favorite Ultimate Breaks drum loops, and a jillion chops of the original Outkast melody.

2) Janet is a remix of a remix. I play the Whiskey Barons tune a ton, and always wanted a more Salsa-y version of "Pleasure Principle." Her OG version has a few brief moments where the key progressions and vocals dip into this territory. I just followed that thread a bit further.

3) Bas' debut album was in HEAVY rotation for me when it dropped, and I always liked how this track melded Bossa and NO Bounce. And the vibe of the Pharcyde acapella worked perfectly with the beat.

There are already a few more of these types of remixes otw, I hope you all enjoy them!

Mix / Mastered by TREW
Artwork by TREW

Steppin to the A.M.
A pair of Classic Hip-Hop Stepper's remixes inspired by an old mixtape idea Maker and I had many years ago... Biggie & Common get touched!
Still Tippin.
This remix was born as an extension of our Altered Tapes' "Khruangbang" sessions where all we did was listen to Houston Hip-Hop.
Kamaal & The Gang.
Based on one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite Funk groups. Kool & The Gang were a completely different band in the 70s than the 80s.
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